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From Hollywood California... He weight in at 170 pounds and brings to the ring a record of 14 wins with 2 loses. He is the 4 time international Champion and 6 time National Judo Champion!… Karo, The “Heat” Parisyan!

"This is a great opportunity for me to show my fans that I'm back!". Karo The "Heat" Parisyan V.S. Thomas "Wild Man" Denny at WMMA!

Aameau Thierry Sokoudjou is one of the toughest guys in Professional Judo. Decided to spar in a different weight division for some change. Aparently it wasn't as tought as I thought it would be...

It all started very early for me... Here I am at 17 years of age!. As you can see, back in the old days we simply fought bear handed.

Got invitation from the U.S. Marines for an awesome training camp!. Had a really great time with the team... these guys work hard and train harder! Godspeed!

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