Here I am against Antonio McKee.... This was a very interesting fight as the right was not a fully qualified MMA Ring. I would keep throwing my opponent out of the ring.

Another MMA Fight with Brian Warren. If you notice we still do not wear gloves at this time... but I will tell you, open hand punches hurt! Got to watch out!

Backstage at (MMA LIVE-1). Waiting for the big fight while hanging out with Jon "Bones" Jones. Thanks for all the support!

One of my older highlights... these videos bring back so many memories.. I'm really thankful to my fans for putting this video together. I certainly appreciate all your effort! You guys are awesome!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Karo Parisyan In An MMA Fight

One of my Earlier MMA fights.. A really fight which ended up with a submission. However, if this was a Professional Judo competition... the first clean throw would of sealed the deal.

Here is another great interview with CBS2-Channel-2. Talking about MMA in general and my experience in MMA. It's great to see people interested in Judo and how it migrates into MMA.

Got invitation from the U.S. Marines for an awesome training camp!. Had a really great time with the team... these guys work hard and train harder! Godspeed!

It all started very early for me... Here I am at 17 years of age!. As you can see, back in the old days we simply fought bear handed.

Aameau Thierry Sokoudjou is one of the toughest guys in Professional Judo. Decided to spar in a different weight division for some change. Aparently it wasn't as tought as I thought it would be...

"This is a great opportunity for me to show my fans that I'm back!". Karo The "Heat" Parisyan V.S. Thomas "Wild Man" Denny at WMMA!